RUGGABLE Noor Ruby Washable Indoor/Outdoor Stain Resistant 8’x10′ (94″x120″) Area Rug 2pc Set (Cover and Pad)

RUGGABLE Noor Ruby Washable Indoor/Outdoor Stain Resistant 8’x10′ (94″x120″) Area Rug 2pc Set (Cover and Pad)

  • Versatility- RUGGABLE is perfect for every place in your home: living rooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, patios and outdoor areas, entryway/hallways, rec rooms, kids rooms and nurseries
  • Machine Washable- Just separate and wash! Simply separate the cover from rug pad, machine wash cold/ tumble dry medium, and your RUGGABLE cover is ready to use again. Just reattach to bottom pad and that’s it! (Spot clean rug pad as needed)
  • Reusable- RUGGABLE has patented Cling Effect Technology (similar to Velcro) on the underside of the Cover that attaches to the Rug Pad and allows you to remove, wash and REUSE your rug cover whenever you need without ever losing its grip! Non Slip Pad- A solid foundation for the decorative cover, this pad has a non-slip backing which provides cushioning, thickness and security in keeping your RUGGABLE in place and intact
  • Pet/Kid Friendly- Whether Junior spill his juice or Fido’s fur has you in a frenzy, RUGGABLE can handle the daily wear and tear your household may endure and is suitable for all your high-traffic areas Stain Resistant- Stains and spills no longer have to be the end of the world, or your rug’s last dying day. No more scrubbing stains or paying for professional cleaning either. RUGGABLE allows you to handle life’s messes right away
  • Eco-friendly and Sustainable Materials- Cover is 100% polyester, and the Rug Pad is made from 100% polyester surface from recycled plastic bottles with TPR (thermoplastic resin) non-slip backing

RUGGABLE is the 2-Piece decorative rug and flooring solution of the future! With one removable Rug Cover and one cushioned non-slip Rug Pad, the innovative technology makes it possible for small and large area rugs to be washed as easily and frequently as bedding, leaving your entire living space looking, smelling and feeling clean! No more wasting time and money on professional rug or carpet cleaning services, with RUGGABLE, rug cleaning is as easy as 1…2…3! Removable, Washable, Reusable! 1
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